Aretha Zertuche

Office Manager

Aretha is a former elementary teacher, and a valuable member of the Granite Financial team. She brings a broad range of information and organizational skills to the job.  

Previously, Aretha was the volunteer head of fundraising and spirit sales for her children's middle school, and has served on leadership teams in church and women's small group ministries.  She was also a volunteer bookkeeper for an international missions organization.

A lifelong Texan (though she still struggles with the heat), Aretha loves a good cup of tea, great Mexican food, and almost anything with cream cheese! 

Aretha believes in Faith, Family, and helping people whenever she can.  She's been married more than 20 years, and with two grown children, she is transitioning into the "Empty Nest" stage of life.  In her free time, Aretha enjoys reading and scrapbooking.


Granite Financial Solutions, LLC

South Central Regional Office
10715 Gulfdale St., Ste. 225
San Antonio, TX  78216
Phone:  (210) 281-4281
Fax: (515) 805-2990

Phone (210) 281-4281
Fax (515) 805-2990