John C. Stults


John is in his fifteenth year as a financial planner, and is a Registered Representative and Registered Financial Consultant.  He believes that whether the client is an entrepreneur, professional, or a dedicated employee, each is responsible for one's own financial success, and each can benefit from the systems, strategies, and products that John employs.  Prior to becoming a financial professional, John enjoyed a career in commercial construction sales and management. He utilizes much of what he learned in that life experience when working for his clients' benefit.  

John is committed to facilitating the financial planning process, and enjoys educating the client as the process unfolds.  He believes that knowledge is indeed power, and that the more the client knows the better one will be able to succeed in the creation and implementation of one's personal financial plan.  John believes in what he calls "intelligent diversification,"  which can be defined as the coordination and integration of differing financial components that should create not only potential growth of wealth, but also protect existing wealth from the eroding factors of over-exposure to market loss risk, taxation, and inflation.  

John knows that sound financial planning is built upon an on-going relationship between him and his clients.  Financial plans may need adjustment over time and John (or his successors) will be there when those adjustments are required. 


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